Arboretum Brochures
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Visitor Map

Visitor Map

Start here for an overview of the Arboretum and visitor guidelines.
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Native Plant Trail

Virginia Native Plant Trail

Learn about plants that existed
in this region prior to the arrival of
European settlers in the 1600s.

The Herb Garden

Herb Garden

The Herb Garden features
culinary, medicinal, and
ornamental herbs.

Boxwood Garden

Boxwood Garden

Explore the largest collection of boxwood varieties in North America.


Bridle Trail

Bring your horse and
explore the Arboretum on
horseback on a 7.5-mile trail.

Wilkins Lane Loop Drive

Loop Drive

A 3-mile Loop Drive provides access to remote areas of the Arboretum.

Conifer Trail 

Conifer Trail

Learn about the Arboretum's
conifer collection.

Explore the Arboretum's walking trails and improve your fitness.