State Arboretum of Virginia at Blandy Experimental Farm
Landscape Plants that are Alien Invasive Species in Virginia

The following list contains alien invasive plants that are grown and/or used in the Horticulture/Nursery industry. Plants that are not grown and distributed through the industry (such as Alliaria petiolata, Garlic Mustard) do not appear on this list. This list was composed from the Mid-Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council list of alien invasive plant species. Please see for the complete list. A majority of the following plants are reported as invasive in Virginia. The few that are not reported as so, appear on this list because they are reported as invasive in multiple neighboring states (Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and/or Pennsylvania) and have been witnessed by staff as being invasive in Virginia. Please note that cultivars of these plants can also be invasive. 

Hesperis matronalis -- Dame's Rocket 
Perilla frutescens -- Beefsteak Plant or Perilla Mint 

Arundo donax -- Giant Reed 
Imperata cylindrical -- Cogongrass or Japanese Blood Grass 
Miscanthus sinensis -- Maiden Grass or Chinese Silvergrass 
Phalaris arundinaceae -- Ribbon Grass or Reed Canarygrass 
Phragmites australis -- Common Reed 
Phyllostachys sp. -- Bamboo

Ajuga reptans -- Carpet Bugle 
Artemisia vulgaris -- Mugwort 
Fallopia japonica -- Knotweed or Fleeceflower 
Iris pseudacorus -- Yellowflag Iris 
Lythrum salicaria* -- Purple Loosestrife 
Lythrum virgatum* -- European Wand Loosestrife 
Myriophyllum aquaticum -- Parrot Feather 
Polygonum cuspidatum -- Knotweed or Fleeceflower 

Berberis thunbergii -- Japanese Barberry 
Buddleja davidii -- Butterfly Bush 
Cytisus scoparius -- Scotch Broom 
Deutzia scabra -- Fuzzy Deutzia 
Elaeagnus angustifolia -- Oleaster or Russian Olive 
Elaeagnus pungens -- Thorny Olive 
Elaeagnus umbellata -- Autumn Olive 
Euonymus alatus -- Burning Bush 
Euonymus europaeus -- European Spindletree 
Hibiscus syriacus -- Rose of Sharon 
Lespedeza bicolor -- Shrubby Lespedeza 
Ligustrum amurense -- Amur Privet 
Ligustrum obtusifolium -- Border Privet 
Ligustrum ovalifolium -- California Privet 
Ligustrum sinense -- Chinese Privet 
Ligustrum vulgare -- European or Common Privet 
Lonicera fragrantissima -- Winter Honeysuckle 
Lonicera standishii -- Standish or Fragrant Honeysuckle 
Lonicera tatarica -- Tatarian Honeysuckle 
Rhodotypos scandens -- Jetbead 
Rosa wichuraiana -- Memorial Rose 
Spiraea japonica -- Japanese Spiraea V
iburnum dilatatum -- Linden Viburnum 
Vitex rotundifolia -- Beach Vitex

Acer platanoides -- Norway Maple 
Albizia julibrissin -- Mimosa 
Melia azedarach -- Chinaberry 
Morus alba -- White Mulberry 
Phellodendron amurense -- Amur Corktree 
Populus alba -- White Poplar 
Pyrus calleryana -- Callery, Ornamental or Bradford Pear 
Quercus acutissima -- Sawtooth Oak 
Salix alba -- White Willow 
Ulmus pulmia -- Siberian Elm 

Akebia quinata -- Chocolate Vine or Five-leaf Akebia 
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata -- Porcelain Berry or Amur Peppervine 
Clematis dioscoreifolia -- Sweet Autumn Virgins Bower 
Clematis maximowicziana -- Sweet Autumn Virgins Bower 
Clematis paniculata -- Sweet Autumn Virgins Bower 
Clematis terniflora -- Sweet Autumn Virgins Bower 
Euonymus fortunei -- Wintercreeper 
Hedera helix -- English Ivy 
Ipomoea purpurea -- Common Morning-glory 
Lonicera japonica -- Japanese Honeysuckle 
Lysimachia nummularia -- Creeping Jenny or Moneywort 
Vinca major -- Large Periwinkle 
Vinca minor -- Common Periwinkle 
Wisteria floribunda -- Japanese Wisteria 
Wisteria sinensis -- Chinese Wisteria