Expense Owners must provide an Allocation for each expense in Chrome River.
Allocation = PTAO or Project-Task-Award-Organization
Using the ALLOCATION SEARCH below, select your name from the Expense_Owner dropdown and wait for the screen to refresh.
- A table showing PTAOs you typically charge listed by a more familiar Department or Account name is displayed.
- The information you need in order to populate the first Allocation line appears in the P-T-A column.
**Important! Once you find your PTAO, please check the Notes column, and make sure to include requested information in the Description field of the Expense Report. You will need to scroll across to see the Notes or Ending Date (if applicable).
Once you know which P-T-A you need to charge, start typing the Project (e.g., 102710) in the first Allocation line of your Expense Report. Information will start to auto-populate as seen in the screenshots below.
- Scroll through the presented options and carefully pick the one that matches the Task and Award of the P-T-A.

On the second line, type 31685 and wait for the option to select 31685 AS-Blandy Experimental Farm

Click Add Allocation if your expense needs to be charged to more that one P-T-A, and repeat steps above.

Congratulations! You have found your PTAO and added an Allocation to your Expense Report in Chrome River.