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Watersheds: Our Home, Our Life!

A Chesapeake Bay Trust project and partnership between the Blandy Experimental Farm and Clarke County Public Schools. Fourth grade students and teachers visited the Arboretum two times throughout the 2015-2016 school year and Arboretum staff visited the schools two times to provide a Meaningful Watershed Education Experience.  A curricular unit was developed for use in the classroom and outside in the schoolyard. The project also included teacher professional development wherein teacher and Blandy educators collaborated to create rich learning experiences for students. 


The following lessons were developed by Blandy Education staff for the project. 
Some activities were developed for use at Blandy; others were developed for use at the schools and include both classroom and outdoor activities. Click Here for a list of Virginia Standards of Learning covered by these lessons.

For Use in the Schoolyard or at the Arboretum
For Use in the Classroom
Pollination Station: Flower and Pollinators 
Students explore a diversity of insects on flowers
What Plants are Good for Pollinators?
Internet-based research for choosing native plants for a school garden
What Plant Where?
Observing and measuring native plants in their habitats
Insect Investigations
Examining adaptations for pollen and nectar collection
Habitat Mapping
Exploring habitats and water flow

 Roof Models
Rooftop Runoff and Erosion Control
Picture Perfect Literacy- Down the Drain 
Lepidoptera Timeline
Understanding interactions of butterflies and moths with native host plants
Watershed Models
Discovering watershed components
 Schoolyard Surfaces

Runaway Rain Real world word problems to determine roof runoff. 

Watershed Projects at School and in the Classroom 
 Boyce Pollination Garden D. G. Cooley Pollination Garden
Bulletin Boards Career Fair

 Community Events Student Newsletters