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Flower Functions Program Resources

Recommended Reading

Image result for the curious gardenThe Curious Garden by Peter Brown
Grades: Preschool-3rd
Lexile Level: AD870L

Selected because
Fun, engaging artwork. Simple message – plants in a human setting need care to survive/human settings are improved with plants.
Concepts of life needs, seasonality and life cycles, succession, and persistence all interwoven into the story.

Suggested activities:
This excellent list of suggested activities from Perfection Learning (PDF) includes language arts, character education, movement and games, art and music, social science, and science. We particularly like the open-ended activity of having students think about plant needs and then act out the process of photosynthesis. 

Image result for pick pull snapPick, Pull, Snap!: Where Once a Flower Bloomed by Peter Brown
Grades: Preschool-3rd
Lexile Level: AD840L

Selected because
Gorgeous, accurate diagram illustrations of food plants and parts. Diversity of characters. Seasonality, process of pollination, and planting instructions at the end of the book

Suggested activities:
Because the book does not cover pollination explicitly in the main text, this could serve and an excellent assessment opportunity. Scan or photocopy* some of the diagrams. Students can cut them out, then draw or describe the intermediate stages and processes between each diagram. 

Observation opportunities: peas grow quickly and in cool temperatures. Read the book and plant peas mid-March for harvest in mid-May. Students can pick (or photograph/draw) and align the different stages to make a timeline, dissect flowers and pods, and observer the process of pollination.

*Be sure to follow copyright laws! Use of these images in the classroom may fall under the fair use provision of copyright law (photocopies DO NOT fall under the classroom exemption provison), but your agency may require you to contact the publisher for written permission.