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Incredible Insects Program Resources

Recommended Reading

Image result for joyful noise poems for two voicesJoyful noise: Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleischman illustrations by Eric Beddows
Grades: 4-7th
Lexile Level: NP

Selected because: 
These poems are written to be read out loud by two people, sometimes the lines are said in tandem, sometimes one at a time, and sometimes together but with different words. This emphasizes the performance aspect of reading, and forces the reader to read carefully, accurately, and to practice (all good literacy skills). The insect information is mostly scientifically accurate, though insects are anthropomorphized and given poetic license.

Suggested activities:
Read, practice, perform. Follow up with a mini research project investigating an insect of your choosing and create your own two-voice poem. 

Image result for give bees a chanceGive Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton
Grades: Preschool - 3rd
Lexile Level: AD590L

Selected because: 
Gentle humor designed to inform and ease fears.
Bees are depicted in a cute, but scientifically accurate manner (except for the number of legs!) While the diversity of bees is mentioned, and many different species are depicted on the inner cover, the emphasis is on the non-native honeybee.

Suggested activities:
Search for bees outside. Before going out, set expectations. Observe the bees. How many different kinds of bees can be found? What are they doing? If materials are available, GENTLY capture and sort the bees by type. 

Invite an expert to come talk to your class. A beekeeper could share about keeping honeybees, an Extension Agent or Master Naturalist could talk about native bees and their role in the ecosystem. 

Have students name an insect (or other arthropod) that makes them feel nervous or afraid. Conduct research projects to learn all about those insects and create a poster that tells people why the scary insects are worth having around.