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Mammals Program Resources

Recommended Reading:

Image result for born in the wild baby mammals and their parentsBorn in the WILD: Baby Mammals and Parents by Lita Judge
Grades: Kindergarten - 3rd
Lexile Level: AD900L

Selected because: 
Primary text outlines the needs of baby mammals, more in-depth information and examples of the ways that different species meet those needs follows. Addresses mammal life needs and characteristics. Introductory research resource. 

Suggested activities:
Use as a research text for learning about specific mammals or mammals in general.

Xander's Panda Party by Linda Sue Park, illustrator Matt Phelan
Grades: Preschool - 3rd
Lexile Level: AD660L

Selected because: 
Gentle introduction to classification (animals are grouped into increasingly larger categories: first bears, then mammals, then mammals and birds...) Alliteration and rhyming throughout the text. Message of inclusion and compromise. 

Suggested activities:
Use images from the book* to create sets of party guests (recommended – have illustration on one side and a real image of the animal on the other so that animal characteristics are more easily seen). Have students sort the guests based off of different characteristics as the book is read.

*Be sure to follow copyright laws! Use of these images in the classroom may fall under the fair use provision of copyright law (photocopies DO NOT fall under the classroom exemption), but your agency may require you to contact the publisher for written permission.