Up in the Garden Down in the Dirt

Image result for up in the garden and down in the dirtUp in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner illustrations by Christopher Silas Neal
Grades: Kindergarten - 3rd
Lexile Level: AD900L

Selected because: 
Year-round look at ecosystems above and below the soil. 

Suggested activities:
Connect to seasonal cycles and plant/animal life cycles sprinkled through the book (tomato hornworm, robin) – more info at the end of the book. Create an annual wheel, each student make the life cycle stages of an organism and puts the different stages on the different seasons.

Explore outside. How many of the creatures mentioned in the book can you find? Where should you look for them? Does your schoolyard have everything they need?

Create above/below terrariums from two-liter bottles. Make sure you meet all of the life needs of your inhabitants!