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The Blandy Education Team’s teaching goal is to stimulate learners’ curiosity about the natural world and their roles in it through field-based investigations. By questioning, observing, investigating, and synthesizing, learners actively increase their understanding of the process of science. All field investigations are grounded in state standards, integrate disciplines through the lens of science, and connect with career paths. 

Candace Lutzow-Felling
Director Education Programs 

Email Candace               
540-837-1758 Ext 230    

Candace creates and administers Blandy's environmental science education programs for preK-12 teachers and students. Read more...

 “We all are born scientists with a natural desire to know and understand what we and our world are made of and how the myriad components fit and work together.  It is my passion to nurture this innate curiosity in learners of all ages, especially to inspire exploration of our natural systems and to provide opportunities for learners to immerse themselves in the immense and awesome vastness of our world from the microscopic to the telescopic."
Emily Ford
Lead Environmental Educator

Email Emily             
540-837-1758 ext. 290

Emily coordinates and leads instruction for Blandy's preK-12 field investigations and facilitates educator professional development. Read more...

“In teaching, I live for those lightbulb moments when you see someone connecting one wire of thought to another wire, lighting up their synapses in a new way. Experiencing new possibilities and critical thinking with a learner is invigorating!”
Lillian Ledford
Environmental Educator

Email Lil           
540-837-1758 Ext. 242

Lil facilitates Blandy's curriculum-centered outdoor investigations with preK – high school students and professional development. Read more...

 “We can’t really understand something until we get our hands dirty in an effort to know it.”

Leah Chaldares
Environmental Educator 

Email Leah        
540-837-1758 Ext. 242
Leah serves as an instructor for the fall and spring preK-12 education programs, and plans and leads Blandy’s summer camp programs. Read more...

“Profound experiences branch the roots of a person’s core beliefs about who they are and their purpose.”