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Leah Chaldares, Environmental Educator

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540-837-1758 Ext 242

The newest Environmental Educator at Blandy, Leah joined the team in the summer of 2018.  Leah serves as an instructor for the fall and spring preK-12 education programs, and plans and leads Blandy’s summer camp programs.  Her background in teaching and working with youth has given her much experience working with students and creating unique twists to lessons for differing groups and their interests while emphasizing curiosity and inquiry.  

Leah’s journey in education began toward the end of her studies at the University of Virginia, where she earned a degree in Chemistry.  While at UVA, she worked on a ropes course and as a ski program coach.  With those jobs, she learned how to facilitate challenges and guide group collaboration through questioning and discussion.  She found the lightheartedness and joy of sharing her love for skiing with youth skiers a sign that she should pursue a career working with youth.  Knowing she wanted to tie together her love for the outdoors with teaching, she returned to school to work on a Master’s of Education in Science. 

Leah then became a middle school science teacher for four years, taking her students outside for learning opportunities as much as possible.  Creating enriching environmental based experiences, Leah saw how her students grew and developed understanding of and how to respect and protect nature.  Now at Blandy, Leah will continue to foster inquiry learning, stewardship and a love for nature in her students. 

Outside of work, Leah spends most of her time outdoors.  She spends much time finessing her rock climbing skills, growing food in her garden, and hiking.  She also enjoys spending time in the kitchen exploring flavors and cultures through cooking.