fish tank with pebbly bottom and many small brook trout
To better understand our Clarke County watersheds, 4th graders raise Virginia's state fish, the brook trout, from egg to juvenile before releasing them into a healthy trout habitat. But how can we figure out if a habitat meets the needs of our trout at each stage in their life cycle? 

Driving Question:  What stream habitat in the Clarke County watershed meets our brook trout’s life needs?

A child and adult hold a red cup and pour water containing a small trout into a stream

Virtual Watershed Investigation:
Explore this 3D virtual experience of five water habitats in Clarke County to figure out which trout life needs can be met at each location. Record your findings in the habitat assessment sheet (PDF).

Explore in 3D above, or, you can click on the video you're interested in below!

Shenandoah River at the Route 50 boat ramp: 

Spout Run in Millwood
Temperature and Sediment 
Page Brook at Powahatan School, Millwood
Temperature and Sediment 
Roseville Run at Boyce Elementary School (GO CARDINALS!)
Temperature and Sediment 
Dog Run in Rose Hill Park, Berryville
Temperature and Sediment 

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