Learning Materials

Lessons and Curriculum templates    Interactive Maps

Watershed system    On-line mapping & analytical tools Chesapeake Bay Fieldscope 
Background on estuaries and watershed connections NOAA Estuaries 101  Watershed connections; climate & SL rise impacts 
Surface water run-off & non-point source pollution NOAA Ocean Service Education  Modeling climate change impacts   National Geographic, SLR Storm Surge Map
 MWEE investigations; land-use impacts GLOBE Program Mapping your landscape  Habitat Network
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 Run-off and recharge simulator; land use and soil  map Wiki Watershed 


  Primary and secondary resources Digital Public Library Of America
  Severe weather components  NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory
  Wetland site investigations techniques NOAA Habitat Conservation/Restoration Center

Real World Data

                  National                        Local      

Tides & sea levels + storm water run-off   NOAA Tides & Currents Weather, water conditions, water quality for Chesapeake Bay  NOAA C.B. Interpretive Buoy System
Weather/climate data interactive MapNOAA National Climate Data Center 
 Current river observations & river forecasts NWS Weather & River Forecast Centers 
Weather events/change over time & interactive map
NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory