Blandy Bay Academy Resources, 2009-2012

from the Mountains to the Ocean: 

Hydroecological connections between the Shenandoah Valley and Chesapeake Bay

The Blandy Bay Academy is not being offered at this time. 

Watershed Science
Water Cycle Posters
Watershed Science PPT
EPA Watershed Science Article
Chesapeake Bay HUCs
Chesapeake Bay Tributaries Map
Parts of a River & Shenandoah Facts
Water Cycle Diagram Middle School
Water cycle Diagram Elementary
Water Cycle Diagram High School
Global Water Cycle
 Water chemistry   
Nitrogen Cycle Diagram
Dissolved Oxygen Fact Sheet
Nonpoint Source Pollution ESA
Nitrate Fact Sheet
Phosphorus Fact Sheet
Turbidity Fact Sheet
Turbidity Tube Construction
pH Fact Sheet

Izaak Walton League Stream Quality
On-line Macroinvertebrate Key
Aquatic Macro Classification Cards
EPA Bioassessment Monitoring
Stream Insects & Crustaceans ID Card
Project WET Macroinvertebrate Data Sheet
Izaak Walton League Data Sheet
Forest Hydrology   
Intro to Riparian Buffers
State of the Nation's Rivers (Potomac Conservancy)
Hydrological effects of a Changing Forest Landscape
Forest Hydrology Lecture 
Water, Climate and Forests
VA DCR Natural Heritage Fact Sheets 
What is Groundwater? USGS
Karst & Groundwater Shenandoah Valley
Edible Aquifers
Wallace_Karst Presentation
Salt Block Cave
Online Resources
Chesapeake Bay Fieldscope
Friends of the Shenandoah River
EPA Watershed Tools 
Encyclopedia of Earth
FieldScope Activity (Plans for the Bay)
Lesson Plans
Project WET Conceptual Framework
EPA Teaching About Wetlands
K-12 Framework- National Academy of Science
5-E Lesson Examples
5-E and Inquiry

NOAA Climate Change & Chespeake 08 Report
Chesapeake Bay Report Card 2010
Climate Literacy Essential Principles
Climate and Water Science 4-2012 
Climate & Sea Level Rise Poster (Nat Geo)
Climate & Sea Level Rise Poster Side 2
Aquatic Stewardship Guide
Save Our Streams 
Friends of the Shenandoah River

Meaningful Watershed Education Experiences
Meaningful Watershed Education Experience Definition
MWEE Guide Chesapeake Bay Foundation

 Field Investigation   
Field Investigations
VDOE Conducting a Stream Quality Survey
EPA Teaching about Wetlands

 Land Use 
Hydrogeology Models NSTA
Land Use Presentation_Felling
Land Use Impacts & Solutions_Felling
Protecting Riparian Areas 
Stormwater Runoff
Potomac Watershed_State of the River 2007
Emerging Pollutants 
 Aquatic Plants
Seagrasses: Prairies of the Sea 
Seagrasses: A Hidden Treasure
Coastal Seagrass Loss
 Site Analysis
Watershed Patch Project EPA
Wetland Threats
Stream Walk Survey
Cloud Dichotomous Key- Marshall Univ.
NOAA- NASA Cloud Chart

 Nature of Science
Nature of Science Conceptual Framework
Process of Science
Significant Figures in Data
What's in the Bag?
Why Inquiry Matters 

The Quarters

Blandy Wetland

Field Site
Testing Water Quality
Karst Topography
Macroinvertebrate Investigation

 Hydrogeology Demo             

Dobson Fly w Lisa
 Site Analysis          

Group Shot