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Blandy Experimental Farm Education Programs are:
  •           Virginia Science Standards of Learning Correlated
  •           Aligned with National Framework for K-12 Science Education 
  •           Grade Level Targeted
  •           Structured to Incorporate Elements of STEM into each Program
  •           Designed to Emphasize Hands–On, Experiential Learning
  •           and Integrate Science with other Disciplines

A visit to the State Arboretum of Virginia is more than just a tour or field trip. This is a place to get students excited about science! Our programs feature hands-on learning and investigations to provide children positive and meaningful experiences with the natural world. We are dedicated to teaching science by making it engaging and fun!

All of our programs are designed to meet Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) requirements; standards covered are listed with each program. While most programs are offered to a range of grades, activities are tailored to the specific grade visiting, and adjusted to meet any learning objectives you share with us. We use an integrative scientific approach; our programs incorporate science and math SOLs and develop technology and engineering skills.

Our programs are designed to support your classroom teaching, and can be used to introduce new concepts, explore current lessons, or review a unit already covered. For additional classroom support, explore the pre and post visit activities on our resources page where you can also check out some citizen science options. Be sure to also visit our recommended literacy connections; a list of program-relevant texts and suggested activities. We look forward to participating with you in providing the best possible STEM learning! 

Fee schedule: please click on the program catalog link at the top of the page.