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You may choose to visit the Arboretum and Blandy Experimental Farm with your class(es) for a self-directed educational experience.

When students are not in a scheduled program, what can you do? Reserve a backpack full of fun activities! There are four backpacks to a set; each pack has supplies for 6 students(each set has enough supplies for 24 students). There is one set available for each of the backpack programs. Instructions, equipment and all necessary materials are included in each pack. The fee is $15 per set. For more information, contact

The four themed sets are:
  • Use Some Sense
  • Green and Growing
  • Wild Things
  • Earth Talks
Other self-directed options include:

- Bringing your art class to sketch or draw the great variety of flora at the Arboretum.

- Visiting with your literature classes to explore the Arboretum while nature journaling or other nature writing experiences. Many great naturalists were avid writers!

- Bringing your photography students to practice and hone photography skills.


 If you are interested in bringing your students for an experience such as those described above, please contact us with information on when you plan to visit and the number of students you are bringing. We encourage you and your students to come and enjoy the Arboretum and would like to be aware of your visit!!