Wedding Regulations

• No indoor wedding facilities are available in case of rain; rain dates are NOT available. It is strongly recommended that you reserve a tent from an approved rental company as a contingency plan. Blandy Experimental Farm is not liable for damages or reimbursement of fees due to cancellation caused by inclement weather. 

• Blandy’s Events Coordinator does not act as a wedding consultant. To ensure that your event runs smoothly, hiring a professional event/wedding planner is strongly recommended. For larger weddings with receptions, this is a requirement. For smaller wedding ceremonies and/or receptions, users must designate a primary point of contact (not a member of the wedding party) to coordinate deliveries and direct the wedding and reception. 

• Blandy does not have furniture or equipment to be used for weddings/receptions. Electricity is limited so depending on the size of the event and the utilities needed, we may require you to provide a generator.  Rental equipment and furniture may be used in the designated areas; however, the rental vendors selected must be on the approved vendor list (see Approved Vendor List). Securing, coordinating and payment for all rentals (tents, linens, lighting, extension cords, chairs, trash receptacles, etc) are the user’s responsibility and all such deliveries must be coordinated with Blandy’s Events Coordinator. The user must inform all vendors that Blandy staff is not authorized to sign for any rental deliveries. The rental companies must meet with the Blandy Buildings Superintendent prior to the set-up of any tents in the amphitheater to determine exact placement of tent (see note on Approved Vendor List). 

• Caterers must be on the approved vendor list (see Approved Vendor List). Caterers may use the kitchen facilities in the Quarters building and are responsible for clean up after the reception. Securing, coordinating and payment to the caterers is the user’s responsibility. All caterers must provide Blandy Experimental Farm with proof of certification by the state Health Department and provide Blandy with written confirmation of liability insurance of at least $1,000,000. These documents must be sent to the Events Coordinator at least 30 days prior to the reception. 

• Tents and other equipment may not be delivered or set up earlier than 48 hours prior to the event and must be removed within 48 hours after the event. Blandy Experimental Farm is not responsible for the storage of rental equipment. 

• Only approved rental vendors are allowed and authorized to drive stakes or poles into the ground. 

• All wedding participants and guests must depart the grounds after the wedding/reception and clean up. 

• The throwing of birdseed is acceptable as a substitute for rice or confetti, which are not allowed on the property. No other objects, animals, or insects may be thrown or released. 

• Decorations must be approved in advance by the Events Coordinator. Decorations and/or signs cannot be attached to any tree, plant, stone wall, or structure. Lighted candles must be protected by hurricane globes with attached bases. No open flames are permitted except those required by a caterer for food. 

• There are two public restrooms in the Quarters building that are available for weddings/receptions hosting less than 70 guests. For weddings/receptions hosting 70 to 120 guests, the user must rent portable facilities through an approved rental company (see Approved Vendor List). 

• Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any building. If the user chooses to allow smoking, it is the user’s responsibility to provide appropriate receptacles for smoker’s use. 

• Parking is restricted to the Visitors Parking lot (near the Information Kiosk) and the Event and Bus parking area as needed. The staff lot, behind the Quarters, is reserved for staff members, residents of the Quarters, and service deliveries; however the bride may park in the staff lot when she arrives dressed for the ceremony and/or when the bride and groom arrive for the reception. The staff parking lot may also be used by rental companies/caterers while unloading. For weddings/receptions with anticipated attendance in excess of 80 people, the user must supply a parking attendant whose responsibility it is to direct attendees to the overflow parking area. Blandy will provide a parking sign. Parking is not allowed along roadsides or in the grass except in the overflow parking area. 

• The walkways leading to the wedding sites are for pedestrians only. 

• All members of the bridal party must arrive dressed for the ceremony. 

• All set-up and clean-up must occur within the specified time allotted for the selected package (see Wedding Packages). A fee for additional time used may be assessed from the damage deposit. 

• Users are responsible for the supervision of children at all times during the event. 

• Respect the grounds. Please, do not climb on trees or stone walls or disturb plant tags or labels. Do not pick flowers or collect any plant material, including seeds, leaves, pine cones, acorns, etc. Do not disturb the wildlife. 

• It is the responsibility of the user or their designee, to remain after the event to inspect and ensure that all utilized spaces are left clean, picked up and left as they were found upon arrival. A Post-Event Checklist will be provided, and must be completed and left in the mail slot of the Main Office at Blandy, turned in to Weekend Staff or given to the Events Coordinator before leaving the property. The security deposit may not be refunded if this list is not completed and turned in immediately after the wedding/reception. 

• The user must provide all vendors and guests with maps and directions to Blandy Experimental Farm. You can find and print them from our website here

Failure to comply with any of the above regulations will result forfeiture of the $200 cleaning/damage deposit 

A Note about Insurance Coverage: At least two weeks prior to the event, the user shall provide Blandy representatives with a certificate of liability insurance covering the event, which will name The University of Virginia and Blandy Experimental Farm as additional insured, for up to $1,000,000 in coverage. (This coverage is usually available — for an associated fee — as a rider on an existing homeowner’s insurance policy.) This certificate of liability is required. You may not use the facilities without securing this coverage.