Edit: Click edit icon (it is a pencil)

New Page: Hit page + icon, choose template (blandy template, usually), and the select location for page. 
    This is important: put page in the right department. Pick layout.

Move Page to the right department: More -- Manage Site --Pages -- then drag page to right department.

Navigation menu: arrange or add.   More --  Manage Site -- Site Layout -- edit horizontal nav content
        To add a page that exists on this site, click add page, highlight the page, scroll down and click OK
        Adjust menu item: highlight item, use arrows to move up and down. Right arrow makes it a sub item.
Delete page you created: More -- Delete Page  

Find Page that isn't on navbar:   More -- manage site -- pages

Change Page Name: Go To Page. Get in edit mode. Change name at top of page.

Change Page URL: Go To Page. More -- Page Settings -- change url

Change Page PropertiesGo To Page. More -- Page Settings -- change properties