Public Programs and Events at Blandy

Blandy's public outreach attracts visitors to one of the region's most beautiful outdoor destinations and encourages an understanding and appreciation of environmental issues and the natural world.

UPDATE: Sadly, Blandy remains closed to the public and will not reopen on May 15th. We appreciate the understanding and support of the public in this difficult time. The Governor’s new Executive Order (EO-61) provides some hope that we may be able to reopen before too long, and you play an important role in our plans for that reopening. As part of that role, it is extremely important that everyone observe the closure notice. An increasing number of people have chosen to ignore the notices posted at every entrance. This is not helpful and must stop. We cannot reopen unless it is clear that visitors will follow rules and guidelines. Even when we reopen, some restrictions will remain to ensure the safety of our visitors, our employees, and our students. This is certainly a case where a few impatient people can ruin things for the many people who are doing their part. Our entire staff looks forward to seeing all of you at Blandy soon. Please help us get there. Stay safe and healthy, everyone

To support Blandy as many of our fundraising programs are canceled, please consider making a gift to the Foundation of the State Arboretum online using the link below.Thank you!

Our programs emphasize environmental issues, gardening, ecology, natural history, and living lightly on the land. Most public programs are aimed at the interested citizen and do not require specialized knowledge, and many are specifically designed for children and families.

Opportunities at Blandy
  • Illustrated talks and workshops
  • Tours and field trips
  • Interpretive signs and brochures
  • Summer and winter programs for kids
Programs, tours, and events are offered throughout the year and for groups by special arrangement.