The Quarters, containing dorm rooms
and offices

Laboratory bench space

Chemical fume hood

Research screenhouse

Blandy provides housing facilities to undergraduates, graduate students, and visiting senior researchers. Undergraduates are generally provided dorm style-housing. Seven dorm rooms are accompanied by a large self-serve kitchen, dining room, and laundry. Graduate students generally share a 5 bedroom farmhouse. In addition, we offer four two-bedroom cottages that provide more flexible living space suitable for senior researchers. The cottages each have their own kitchen and full bath. Three of the four cottages are ADA compliant.

Construction of a modern greenhouse with four 500 ft2 growing rooms (bays) was completed during the fall of 2016. The partitioning of the greenhouse into four bays allows researchers to optimize climate conditions for their particular needs. Climate conditions are selected via a computer system that operates an automated heater, vents, fans, and shade curtains. The greenhouse also features a 500 ft2 headhouse for potting, cleaning, and storage.

In the spring of 2012, construction was completed on a 4000 ft2 laboratory building. The building's design emphasizes open, flexible lab space and also features 2 assignable private labs and a conference room.  The facility is equipped with dissecting and compound scopes, drying ovens, refrigerators, -20 C and -80 C freezers, a chemical fume hood, electronic analytic balances, and rooms with independent climate control. In addition, a Cahn electrobalance, leaf area meter, and a wide variety of live traps are available.

A newly renovated classroom and two other large rooms provide space for meetings and seminars.

Computer facilities include four networked desktop computers, a laser printer, and wireless internet access.

Plant propagation facilities include 5500 ft2 of greenhouse space, several lath houses, and a nursery area. Tools and equipment are available for plant care and establishing experimental gardens. There are two tractors, discs, a front-end loader, a tree spade, augers, bush hog, three trucks and a farm car. Two workshops are available for fabrication of scientific equipment and supplies.

Blandy houses a branch of the University of Virginia library with over 3,000 volumes. Other library materials are readily available via interlibrary loan. Computer assisted search service are also readily available.

Research greenhouse