The Blandy Laboratory was completed in 2012 with funding from the National Science Foundation, The University of Virginia's College of Arts and Sciences and the Blandy Experimental Farm Endowment. The 4000-square foot field lab allows students and faculty to conduct research using modern technologies. Go here to see a visual history of its 9 month construction. 
final lab structure
June 2012, at completion.
LEED Certification.   The lab is designed with many sustainable features to reduce its environmental impact.  These include water efficiency (40% below average use), energy efficiency (28% below average use) , locally sourced construction materials with at least 10% recycled content, and 95% recycling of construction waste.  Windows provide 90% of the building with natural light, and computerized climate controls ensure comfort and efficiency.  The building was designed to achieve a  LEED Silver rating from the  U.S. Green Building Council.