Follow the Construction Progress on the New Laboratory at Blandy, from ground-breaking in September, 2011 until occupancy in June 2012.
people working in lab
June, 2012. First students working in the new lab. The space serves both as bench space for individual projects and as work space for analyses and writing, facilitating interactions among all of the researchers at Blandy.
processing room photo
June 2012. Processing room --drying ovens, ultracold freezers, insect and herbarium cabinets, and sinks installed.
final lab structure
June 2012. Smokestack showing, HVAC installed.
June 2012. Conference room.
June 2012. Lab porch serves as both a break area and a sample processing area.
new metal roof complete Mar 22. Outside nearly done. Hopefully the migrating hummingbirds won't mistake the new red metal roof for the world's largest flower.
start of roofing Mar 12. Lab roof gets a racing stripe. Sporty, but temporary, as the new red metal roof will soon cover the whole lab and match the roof of most Blandy structures.
Feb 18, 2012. White walls and blue sky. The white was supposed to be snow, but it didn't come so we'll take some nice white paint instead.
Feb 3, 2012. Walled in. The board and batten will be painted white, but the real walls now surround the structure.
Jan 18, 2012. Inside out. Sunlight comes through the newly installed windows as construction personnel work to prepare the interior of the laboratory.
lab with roof and walls Dec 30, 2011. Walled, roofed, and nearly ready for interior work.
new lab with roof Dec 19, 2011. Santa Claus now has something to land on. Hopefully, his elves know how to make laboratory equipment.
Dec 9, 2011. Framing goes up quickly, despite sub freezing temperatures.
getting ready to frame the new lab Dec 2, 2011. Getting ready to start the framing work. Enjoy that little bit of warm weather in December.
November 18th floor pouring Nov 18, 2011. FLOORED. Construction crew spreads cement that will be the lab floor.
nov 14 2011 picture of lab construction Nov 14, 2011. Preparing for the floor.
new lab 10-28 Oct 28, 2011. The footers are poured.
oct 21 lab construction Oct 14, 2011. Gravel pad marks the spot where the building will sit.
sep 30 lab construction Sep 30, 2011. The old plant nursery is now plant-less and level as a pool table.
Construction on day 1 Sep 26, 2011. Day 1 of construction.
Blandy Experimental Farm is building a new laboratory dedicated to research. The new lab will replace the lab functions of the current lab trailer and the retrofitted lab rooms in the historical Quarters building. The original completion date was May 2012.